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Katie Arias

What an amazing model. Such a great tease. So glad to see a shy model. I hope she stays around and does more teasing sets. Would love to see comments like the one of one of my favorite models Denisse Gomez from the release on December 17, 2014 "We’re trying hard to get her fully naked". I enjoy seeing a model's first efforts to "seduce" viewers of the sets by being coy and shy and then slowly becoming bolder. Katie takes sexy to a whole new teasing level. Cannot wait to see more of this beauty no matter how much or how little she decides to show. One nice nip slip to whet the appetite of seeing more of Katie in the future.

by DirtyOldMan on 29 SEP 2020 06:39


We definitely hope she’ll take the same path as Denisse!

by Jarda on 29 SEP 2020 06:39

Agatha Vega

Newest Sept set; All I can say is, Lucky Toy!!! She is becoming a new Maria!!!(as Martha Stewart would say, "it's a GOOD thing!!!)

by Magentaman on 17 SEP 2020 23:48


Good to hear you like her! We love working with her and we’d love to feature her more often!

by Jarda on 17 SEP 2020 23:48

Casting Lilly

Just downloaded the video. I rarely have time to watch videos but I am so glad I did. Lilly's photos were so nice that I decided to come back and take a look at the video. How nice was it to see her with her hand flicking over that perfect pussy? So much so that I am now looking forward to her return visits as she is said to be ready to masturbate on video. To see that beautiful pussy worked on with a toy (or fingers) will be so nice. It looks so tight. Such a pretty pink pussy and so nice that she decided to share all her charms here. And maybe she could do a pee video as well.

by DirtyOldMan on 13 SEP 2020 02:17


We’d really love to see all that happening too! We keep our fingers crossed for her to want to show us a little masturbation and pee!

by Jarda on 13 SEP 2020 02:17

Show From Paradise

Love the video from Putri Cinta. In her first few sets she had been what I have seen called pussy shy. What a reveal. I really want to see more from this amazing model. Not a lot left to reveal, but all of her is just so beautiful.

by DirtyOldMan on 09 SEP 2020 19:09


Yes! We can’t wait for her to get more daring too!

by Jarda on 09 SEP 2020 19:09
This Is Me

New Model Lia

i just wanted to say thank you for the New Showcase Model from Ukraine = Lia.

i enjoyed her freckles and Most Importantly those Sweet Tender Young Pink Luscious Suck On These Man Meat Blow Job Lips She Posses. Can we have MORE Lia ?
delicious feet & toes and long slender natural statuesque legs matching with her petite model type frame. i would like to see her in a Full Body Oiled Up Set, and possibly a really great movie to match with it (4K Please) . Yes i know; MOST if NOT all of your films on W4B site is / has been in 4K resolution. i'm just asking because i know some times you guys are gett'n material from Contributing Videographers & Photographers who aren't from W4B (which is NOT a bad thing) as long as the Content & Quality is W4B Style, Taste. thats why I'm Such a Dire Hard Fan of you guys. 100% Pure Quality. Thank You. You Guys Always Deliver.

by This Is Me on 08 SEP 2020 22:04


We are happy you like her, we’ll see if she can be back ASAP!

by Jarda on 08 SEP 2020 22:04
This Is Me

Disappointed & Wondering

Ok so here it goes. not to GET PERSONAL here.but whatever Information you guys can give We'll Appreciate It.
- I Miss Sooo Much Liloo,Abella Jade, Clarise,Milly Mendoza,Valery,Chichi Yovanna(who did only 1 Set with a messed Film which you guys said you'll give us another 1), like What the HELL ? i do understand Covid-19 literally is bitch and as single handily fucked everyone's lives over and turned everything and everyone UP SIDE DOWN & ASS BACKWARDS. But i just would like to know when can these beauties return ?
Because they're surely Missed Guys. Especially Liloo she was sending you guys Candid before Covid19, try and contact / connect wit her even if its just candid photos for now guys. at least its something. would love to see actually Would Go Crazy to see Clarise & Abella Jade Lick each other or just do a similar shoot like Karin Torres and Sharice did very VERY WET and Naughty just the way we like it. can Ms.Valery give us candid masturbation film ? maybe Chichi Yovanna ?
what about Ana Henao ? my goodness her features are mind boggling & delicious at the same time. would love to see a film with her its been AGES for all of them!!

please Guys some Realy Honest Feedback here is ALL i'm asking. if there's some things you cannot discus because business reasons that's understandable. i'm just looking / asking for Honest Feedback with closure thats all.
thanks again W4B love what you guys have accomplished; what you guys are doing.
- Cheers !!

by This Is Me on 30 AUG 2020 12:43


I’ll have to disappoint you here, but COVID is wreaking havoc in South America and pretty much the only content we can have from there is whatever the girls manage to make at home, which is surprisingly difficult in that part of the world. I’m afraid the world will have to go back to normal before we can bring these beauties back!

by Jarda on 30 AUG 2020 12:43
This Is Me

More Update To Your Asian Goddess

Hello, Good Afternoon Guys well i sent a really in depth but very clear and message on the New Version. i'm hoping it comes here. if not. well let me shorten my message here then.

The Lovely New Ming has my mouth watering,my fantasies running wild. Please can we get a Follow Up of her in a nice full body oiled POV movie, and would thoroughly enjoy some more candid sets of your be specific ALL of your Asian Models.Please if you guys can make this so grateful. I'm anxiously waiting to see my THAI GODDESS : Ms.Sowan, Ms.Ming, Ms.Norah. i can taste them in my mouth so badly. the Mocha Goddess Ms.Chloe with the deep dark brown eyes. Give Me Lots More Ms.Hiromi I Miss Her Already......Ohh yes. and Every 40+ Year Old Man's Dream The Goddess Herself Ms.Khalisa. Have to say considering how everything is going on Globally. W4B is Rocking. I Do Understand that you guys are providing your best,working there asses off to deliver such exquisite content. Thank You Soo Soo Much For All That Your Doing Guys.
You A Truly 1# In My Opinion. just keep adding those sets & movies, and adding the candid are a really nice touch to W4B. just tell the Models to relax and get more Naughty on candid. Otherwise Absolutely Perfect Productions,Work Guys. Thanks Again !!
-Stay Safe W4B

by This Is Me on 30 AUG 2020 12:27


Thank you very much for all the compliments! We always try to bring you the best of the best! There will be more of those Asian angels soon (and perhaps some new ones too!)

by Jarda on 30 AUG 2020 12:27

Agatha Vega

Looking more & more luscious and adventuresome each outing. LOVE the new nipple decor; the half circles look killer & the new hair is sweet!! Also, love the adventuring into butt plug(s) outside!! HOT all around!!

by Magentaman on 24 AUG 2020 03:00


We’re happy to hear you like her, because we have big plans with her!

by Jarda on 24 AUG 2020 03:00
This Is Me

Damn It Man Nadia Is Absolutely Stunning !!

YUP I'm Joining the Ranks Of Members & Fan Base Ask'n For MORE of NADIA Please Fellas, would love to see LOTS more of Nadia ASAP in any future updates.

especially if she's Oiled - Lubed with a Nice,Sleek,Delicious Solo Showcase For Us In Beautiful Glorious 4K Format OfCourse. Lol !!

by This Is Me on 14 AUG 2020 05:34


I think we should be able to bring her back soon, even if we can’t go shoot her ourselves, we’ll find a local photographer who can.

by Jarda on 14 AUG 2020 05:34
This Is Me

Putri Cinta is a very exotic model

as the title says Putri is a GREAT Addition to the W4B family of Goddess. Thank You For Adding Her & Showcasing Her Gracefulness. Would Love To See Her Teamed Up With Chloe.PLEEEEASE !!!
can you guys make that happen ? Chloe & Putri 2 Exotic Tanned S.E.A Beauties Paired Together Like That Would Literally Melt The Screen Guys I Kid You Not !!!

C'mon Make This Happen Not Just For Me,BUT For All W4B Members And Future Members. I Know You Can Do It. Thanx' So Much For All You Guys Do During These Turbulent Times Of Covid-19. It Really Helps A LOT more then you may NOT realize.

- Cheers !

by This Is Me on 14 AUG 2020 05:31


Those two would indeed make one stunning pair! As soon as we’re allowed to travel, we’ll try to get them together!

by Jarda on 14 AUG 2020 05:31
This Is Me

Mia Nix

- Damn Fellas, Mia Nix' WoW what a South American Stunner you've acquired there.
absolutely LOVE her cute & adorable tanned freckles and mixed wit her Latina Skin Tone. Yummy!!

Great Work on those 2 New Updates As well. Please Hate to say it but; May we have MORE of Ms.Nia ? like a really good Close Up POV of her solo masturbation showcase ( if you can pull it off ) i know you guys can, and i do ENJOY the girls / models sending Selfies - personal candid photos at times its a Nice additional mix up to the site and gives it a different breathe of air (Sorta speak ) if that Makes Any Sense Guys. Lol !!
keep'em cumming thanx'

by This Is Me on 14 AUG 2020 05:20


Happy to hear you like her, we’ll do our best to feature her more!

by Jarda on 14 AUG 2020 05:20
This Is Me

New Talent Sofia Torres WoW !!

- you guys did it again; such a beautiful goddess and delicious South American Treat. Sofia Torres. YES !!!
Please Bring Her Back, ASAP. or whenever possible. I Love Her " Comfortness " In Front Of The Camera & Naturalness Mixed In With Her Latina Femininity. Love Her Curves And Features. Can We Get A Update ASAP with Her In A Solo Masturbation Showcase & Another Showcase Of Her With Another Latina - Karin Torres That'll Make Me Wanna Lose My Mind !!! (i'm NOT Kidding Either) Thanx' Fellas Keep'em Comin'n Good.

by This Is Me on 14 AUG 2020 05:13


Thanks for your message! We can’t promise anything but we’ll certainly try to bring her back!

by Jarda on 14 AUG 2020 05:13

Casting Adriana

Really nice first set from Adriana. Glad this site was her first choice to get nude. Looking forward to more content from this beauty. Hope she gets bold enough to pee on video. Hope her first pee video and first masturbation video are all here.. You know how to capture those moments in the best way.

by DirtyOldMan on 28 JUL 2020 05:50


We hope so too! We think she’s great and that she’ll dare to be more naughty soon!

by Jarda on 28 JUL 2020 05:50

More to come?

Messages don'r work so good on the new site. A couple of models I'd like to see more of. Sofi Reyes WOW please not just one and done with her. Like to see more of Liloo Abril and Mia Nix.. I understand that some areas can be more challenging than others IE travel internet connection politics ect. Some of the stories and the selfies the girls have sent in are great. Bring more of Stefani and Mara Blake too they have great potential.

by Merv on 22 JUL 2020 21:50


You’re right, on the new version so far the messages are more “private”. We’ll try to get some of the girls you’ve mentioned back, but yes, at the moment it’s extremely difficult for all kinds of reasons.

by Jarda on 22 JUL 2020 21:50


I have not been to the "old" site very often. Wish there was a way to send a post on the new site. Sent a post about Nadia really late because I am not here that often. As I stated, she tickles all my fancies.

Love the size of the photos on the new version.

Glad you are having models submit from home to get new content. I don't recall which model sent the photos, but there was one model who had her male friend grope her a little. Nice touch and would not mind seeing males in this way periodically. Not an everyday thing, but nice as a change of pace at times.

by DirtyOldMan on 23 JUN 2020 10:30


There’s a way you can leave a non-public feedback on the new version. We are still working on implementing a message board similar to this one, or a comment section under each post in the new version. Thank you for your thoughts, we’ll see about the males – that’s something the girls have to agree with. And we’ll see also about Nadia.

by Jarda on 23 JUN 2020 10:30


You asked if we wanted to see more of Nadia. Of course and in every meaning of the word more. She is a beauty. And while she is shy, at least we got to see her fully nude. My favorite treat is seeing a model debut shyly then grow bolder. So definitely bring her back for more shoots. And hopefully as she gets more comfortable she will give us a better view between her legs. Seeing her get bold enough to pee would be even better. But more even if we get no more revealing shots than this. Just beautiful.

by DirtyOldMan on 23 JUN 2020 10:23


Thank you for your feedback, we’ll see if we can get Nadia back!

by Jarda on 23 JUN 2020 10:23


more more more please

by majnoon53dd on 16 APR 2020 09:11


More Chloe coming soon!

by Jarda on 16 APR 2020 09:11

Samantha Lions

Nice new model. Love her hairstyle in particular. In answer to your question - Yes, more of her please!

by Noobs on 13 APR 2020 09:08


Thanks for her feedback! We’re not sure what to do with her yet but we’ll keep her in mind, maybe she can send some selfies.

by Jarda on 13 APR 2020 09:08

South American girls!

Please! more South American Girls! you guys are amazing! I want more of them!!!!!!

by gee on 10 APR 2020 08:00


We’ll happily deliver!

by Jarda on 10 APR 2020 08:00
This Is Me

Sapphire A - Missing In Action ?

Hey, Gentlemen. i know other members have asked about her; but allow me to shed a little birdy of information on this. i just recently like this Week saw Sapphire A on Met she has a New Set and frankly while ( not going to lie) its great that she's appeared.(fortunately for me anyways)i own several memberships; however ONLY to TOP TIER Erotica Sites. Never Smut Sites Or Gonzo Sites(they're Trashy No Matter Any Says)Not Worth MY MONEY and Or Time. Anywho soo; since i noticed shes' there but NOT here? like wtf Man ?
hey there are Independent Talent they can come and go where ever they feel right ? but c'mon she did Excellent work here i don't know what gives; anyway just wanted to give some recent feedback & information for you guys, other members. btw just to be Honest,Met Art while i respect the photographers & models there, BUT they ARE NOT W4B; and i say this NOT only as a member but also as a very VERY long time Admirer,Supporter of the Erotica Art Nude Entertainment Scene. When Sapphire A is at W4B her sets are just dripping wet juicy and delicious; without a doubt. which WHAT I Love, Support about W4B. damn I hope she come's over to you guys.. here's hoping she does always Jarda,Mark & the entire W4B Team Thank You in advance'


by This Is Me on 06 APR 2020 09:51


Are you sure it was a new set? We know that MetArt sometimes pblishes sets YEARS after they shoot them so it’s not unthinkable that it’s actually a very old set. We don’t do that. Last time we spoke to her she insisted she didn’t want to shoot nudes anymore.

by Jarda on 06 APR 2020 09:51